Mother Ship Mechromantix

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Bass guitar, vocals, composition.

Andrew took up the bass in his teens, inspired by Chris Squire of Yes, and immediately set about learning the most complex bass lines in 70’s prog rock on a cheap Fender Jazz copy that made more of a thud than any recognisable musical note.  Various bands at school and college flew in the face of the punk trend, and were slow to realise that being spat at by the audience was a sign of appreciation rather than contempt, so the budding bass player temporarily lost heart.
A short 20-year break, to cultivate a career and family, came to an end when a girlfriend bought him a new bass, and he set about learning to play the thing properly, now inspired by the jazz funk grooves of Level 42 and a host of black American funkateers.  The familiar thwacking of slap bass was a regular sound in the Trist household in the early part of the 21st Century.
Now a devotee of YouTube instructional videos, Andrew obsesses over musical theory and practices in every free moment.  He has been in a number of pop and rock covers bands around Kent and Cambridgeshire, as well as an experimental ‘Steampunk’ power trio and a prog rock outfit with a nice line in songs about dinosaurs.  A 5-string fretless bass is now the preferred weapon of choice, and Mechromantix provides the perfect outlet for a combination of jazz, funk and rock grooves.