Mother Ship Mechromantix

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Programming, Keyboards, Vocals

Dominic was a key part of the inception of Mechromantix and contributed sigificantly to the first 18 months of the project before being called away by other demands on his time.
Dominic refers to himself less as a keyboard player and more a producer, songwriter and sound engineer.  Having started out as a vocalist in a few different Grunge bands, he soon progressed over to digital music (mainly Trance and Ambient).  He states that “during my time at University I was lucky enough to befriend a member of what has now become Binary Finary and who spent many a late night teaching me the basics of digital and computer-based music. That was it; I was hooked, and for the next ten years or so, I dabbled with various DAWs and VSTs”.
Dominic’s passion lies firmly in the digital music genre and he was only too keen to collaborate this style with the rest of Mechromantix to produce an electronic/rock/progressive/jazz crossover.  “I love the mix of different styles and influences” he states “and swapping out a live drummer for loops, samples, and Midi give us the clarity of volume and  scope for layering of sounds that other bands can ill afford”.