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In 1998 Kimberly began her professional voice coaching at the Royal Academy of Music in London. With the initial aspiration for developing her vocal range for ballads her tutor, Japanese/Brazilian Opera Singer, Monica Marabuyashi immediately developed Kimberly’s Classical soprano voice. Kimberly has performed concerts of Italian Arias with an International concert pianist on a small tour in Scotland, weddings and church concerts. She has a pure and passionate voice that is reputed to stir emotions within audiences (and tears!).

La Boite Des Surprises is a classical chill out album, a compilation of beautiful songs sung by Kimberly, recorded at the Duff House Country House Gallery in Aberdeenshire. Some have told stories of how this music has helped bring joy and calm. It has been played in complimentary health clinics, it was been used in Reiki Courses and is said to be fantastic to listen to whilst in the bath with candles!

Enjoying the range of her voice and her creativity, Kimberly has experimented with other styles leading her to perform jazz, blues and pop. She recently visited Barcelona for some further voice coaching, where she picked up some great ideas for producing her next cd. She currently writes her own material and recently BBC2 were interested in one of her tracks for a documentary.