Mother Ship Mechromantix

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Dominic, Andrew and Charles first got a band togther in 2009, having met at work in East Kent, UK. We soon spotted an advertisement by a vocalist looking for a band, and having contacted her Tanja bravely came along to meet the three of us in the rather untidy work-in-progress new rehearsal facility in Canterbury.  We instantly hit it off and got down to the business of writing material; we had at the outset had the goal of being an originals-only band, although a couple of covers did creep in as a means to appease the impatient gig-goer.

Once up-to-speed we gigged steadily for 18 months until Dominic decided to move on.  At this point we added a keyboardist and drummer (Clive and Colin) and continued to perform throughout the area until our jobs ceased to exist and we were forced to relocate.

During the time with Dominic we spent time in a local recording studio to put a number of the songs on record under the album name Asymmetry.  Those songs are all to be found on this site.