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The songs on the site have been rated by Mechromantix to give you some guide to their various qualities.  These ratings are relative to this site, the songs within it and our opinion. The descriptions below go some way to describe what these ratings mean.

5 stars     4 stars  3 stars 2 stars 1 star 

Scale of prog

The degree of progressivness apparent in this song.  This is of course an objective matter, but this is our estimate. The scale ranges from 1 star (not progressive at all) to 5 stars (the song includes a 27-minute glockenspiel solo, a Tuvan throat singer and lyrics about someone with a big hat).


This is a measure of the recording quality of the song in question; whether the recording was thrown together using a cassette recorder (see here if you've never hear of such a thing) or lovingly crafted in a professional recording studio. 1 star is cheap and cheerful, 5 is with care and attention.


Given the more downbeat nature of much of the progressive canon (ref Steven Wilson), this measures the degree of cheerfulness of the song - 1 star for Benny Hill (here) levels of mirth and happiness, 5 for Katatonia levels of gloom.

What's it about?

Progressive music in general isn't well-known for it's simplistic lyrical themes so this is our guide to the content and degree of difficulty to be had in understanding what's going on.  The principal problem is that we often aren't too sure ourselves (try Sensibility).

Rock out:

Will Helen get up and dance to this one?  1 star says she'll be rooted to her seat, 5 stars says that you won't stop her dancing with a pot of industrial-strength maramalde and a concrete mixer.